Link Cleanup

We analyze all active backlinks and create a thorough audit, identifying all toxic backlinks and domains that must be removed. We use the Google Disavow tool for links that are not removed through manual outreach within 30 days.

Includes: Google Search Console setup (if needed), Link Assessment Report, Link Removal Report, Content Quality Evaluation, On-Page Testing and Google On-Page Violation Testing. Our process has a 95% success ratio on penalty removal. We use state-of-the-art tools combined with manual link removal to regain lost rankings.

How can I know if my site needs a link clean up?
1. When should I propose to have a link clean up?
– We recommend that you have a link clean up when you suspect an algorithmic penalty and if there are unnatural links warning.
– Check your Google Search Console regularly to see if you have any penalty.

2. How soon can I recover from a Google penalty?
– Unfortunately, the time frame of your Google penalty recovery depends on your case. Some sites are able to recover from a Google penalty in mere weeks while others take years to clean their backlink portfolio and eventually be able to lift Google’s penalty.

3. What is disavow?
– A disavow is the removing of toxic links on your website.
– Google allows webmasters to submit a disavow list. These are links that you have already reached out to but are unresponsive to your request to take down the offending link.

4. What is involved in a link cleanup campaign?
– Link Cleanups involve emailing webmasters of sites with the offending parties and then working with Google to remove the links or reduce the links from websites that are unresponsive. For a lot of sites, this entails sending thousands of emails to take down links created from bad SEO.


Webmaster link download
Toxic Backlink Removal
Anchor text extraction
Backlink Health Qualification
Link Detox
Link Removal Report
On page Google Violation Testing
URL trust factor assessment
In Link URL Inclusion Report
Risk level analysis
Anchor text extraction
Qualifying each backlink's health
C Class Sub New Diversity
Run tool
Content Quality Evaluation
.txt Disavow File Inclusion

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